Support Our Staff's Projects!

Support Our Staff's Projects!
Posted on 11/14/2019
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Please click the links below to view and support our various projects!

Mrs. Koeth's project (expires 1/7/20):
Wobble While We Work!
Help me give my students chairs that help them move around while learning!

Mrs. Stout's project (expires 1/7/20):
Pack the Paragraph!
Help me give my students a voice! The Scholastic News magazine and writing workbook will allow my students to write about the world around them! Current stories are inspirational to my class!

Mrs. Moore's project (expires 1/8/20):
Electrify your Brain with The Set Game!
Help me give my students the SET games which will allow them to use their teamwork, strategy and logic skills. The Kings in the Corner game enables differentiation in my classroom and focuses on sequencing and executive function.

Ms. Pintner's project (expires 1/9/20):
Seat Sacks for ALL!
Help me give my students seat sacks!!! We have tables in kindergarten and seat sacks will help them stay organized!

Mr. Hawkins' project (expires 1/10/20):
After School Pals
Help me give my students the correct size and quality soccer balls to make sure the students are learning at a higher level.

Mrs. Skinner's project (expires 1/10/20):
Reading Our Way Through 3rd Grade
Help me give my students the reading activities they need to strengthen their comprehension skills so they can boost their confidence and become better readers.

Mrs. Skinner's project (expires 1/10/20):
Making Math Fun
Help me give my students the materials they need to master a wide range of math skills.

Ms. Thompson's project (expires 1/11/20):
A School with Rhythm Needs Drums!
Help me give my students a variety of rhythmic world instruments including 16 buffalo drums, a tubano, and a book to help us learn more fun circle songs!

Ms. Dougherty's project (expires 1/11/20):
I Love Metamorphosis!
Help me give my students the experience of being young scientists observing and journaling first hand the metamorphosis of butterflies, and learn about the sequence of animals' life cycles and create corresponding art to express their creativity!

Mrs. Parente's project (expires 1/11/20):
Wow...Who Knew Learning To Read Could Be So Much Fun!
Help me give my students hands on activities so they build upon their reading skills to become more confident readers.

Mrs. Reyes' project (expires 1/12/20):
Hygiene Education for Healthy Elementary Students
Help me give my students germ kits, germ powder and posters for healthy living.

Mrs. Beechler's project (expires 1/14/20):
Listening Boosts Literacy!
Help me give my students the opportunity to grow as readers through listening center resources.

Ms. Lange's project (expires 1/14/20):
Sensational Sensory Tools for Students with Special Needs
Help me give my students noise-reduction headphones, bouncy-bands, gel seats, and other sensory tools to help increase their ability to focus on learning.

Ms. Musal's project (expires 1/26/20):
Tantalizing Tarantulas Teach Tolerance
Help me give my students an opportunity to expand knowledge, responsibility, and tolerance.

Mrs. Scott's project (expires 3/31/20):
Money, Time, and Measuring...Oh My!
Help me give my students hands on activities to help them practice challenging second grade skills. The instant learning centers, puzzles, and file folders will be perfect to use in our classroom.